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When you do the test you should:

  • Make sure that you fill in the test in peace and quiet when you are alone
  • There is no time limit, but try to work through the tasks without interruption.
  • It is important that you answer honestly - that which applies best to you and how you think, not how you or others think you ought to be.
  • There are no correct or incorrect answers. Sometimes it may be difficult to choose, but select the option you spontaneously feel applies best.

When you are through with question 140 – please send an e-mail to us to confirm. post@wicklund-hansen.no

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Other than English, Choose one of the other flag and off you go.

For the Polish version as pdf to download, please press here

If you are told to take our test as an employee or applicant for a job, the invoice will be sent to the company that asked you to do so. If not, please contact us before you do the test, and we will give you a price offer.