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What is P.A.T



WHI, established 1979, has assessed the potential of more than 50.000 individuals helping more than 1000 companies in Norway and abroad.

Headquarter in Oslo, Norway, WHI is a global human resources consulting firm with clients in over 14 countries.

The reason for our success-story is a concept built around the Personal Assessment Test (PAT). The concept gives an assessment of, for instance, leadership skills seen in relation to a firm’s objectives or if a candidate has the necessary combination of empathy/ego-drive, assertiveness and working capacity to succeed in a sales position.

This concept has been used in the public sector as well as in small, medium-sized and large global companies.

According to a German survey (Dr. Manfred Rahn) a firm’s future is inevitably tied to the efficiency of its employees, not least because automation and robotization have reached an optimal level.

Dr. Rahn concludes in his report that PAT provides a unique opportunity for evaluating “the right person in the right place” and thus increase productivity.

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